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    Dear Richard
    I would appreciate your perspectives on a possible USD crash and its implications for SA.
    Is it likely that the Rand will strengthen?
    Would it make the price of Gold in ZAR cheaper?
    Possible decline in the price of gold shares?
    Impact on physical gold holdings – if gold coins cheaper – your recommendations on Kr coins. To hold, sell or reduce such holdings?
    I would also like to understand the possible effects on other world economies – those with stronger currencies and the impact on the price of gold in those economies.
    Thank you for your valuable insights and the guidance they offer with investment decisions.


    Richard Payne

    Dollar has been struggling a little bit since this virus crisis has started. I think that safer bet can be bitcoin now. It’s price is on the rise again and the big boom that happened few years ago can happen again. I follow cryptocurrency news on investotrend.com and they really have good articles on that topic. They can tell you why the price of bitcoin is down, why Ethereum is not doing so well now and even suggest a really good walley. Crypto is the future and I think that everyone should learn as much as they can about it.

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