The Simple Secrects of Stock Exchange Success

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The Simple Secrects of Stock Exchange Success

Table of Contents

Dispelling the myth of the Efficient Market Hypothesis

The Efficient Market Hypothesis has never been convincingly proved and,increasingly, modern studies have seemed to show that on a day to day basis markets conform more to the principles of random walk and herein lies the possibility for astute investors to achieve great wealth

Is there a share market Glass Ceiling

Why is it seemingly impossible to predict share market movements with absolute accuracy? The Crash of 1929 and how we kept on making the same mistakes in 1969, 1987, 2001 and 2008.

You can’t outguess the market so don’t even try…..just be sure you take advantage of it!

Though few investors manage to buy exactly at the bottom and sell exactly at the top of market cycles, there are strategies which will allow you to profitably take advantage of these cycles.

The first big tremors always shake over-ripe apples from the tree.

Periodic market tremors shake the over-ripe apples from the tree. How to make sure its not you that gets caught.

How far can a bear market fall

The average bull market of the past 46 years has lasted around 44 months and has offered a compound annual average growth rate of 32.16 percent. Bear markets have lasted an average of eleven months and resulted in average losses of 37 percent.

A strategy to cope with bear markets.

Share market trading is a mugs game, but the long-term investor can still profit handsomely from market cycles.

Trading might be dead, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Using the tools of the share market trader to fine-tune a winning long-term investment strategy.

It’s all about quality

Why it is important to recognise that shares can be grouped into different risk and return categories.

Learning about Fundamentals.

The balance sheet statistics that distinguish long-term share market winners. A few simple tests make the difference between winners and losers.

How to build winning portfolios.

How to build a portfolio precisely tailored to your personal needs. How the best fared in the 2003 to 2007 bull market.

But is it a safe investment?

Even the best portfolios invariably end up with a few shares that run out of steam early in the market cycle. Understanding why and recognising why constant vigilance is vital

The next 60 Days

The acid test is not only how well they do in bull markets, but how they cope when the bear bites.

How to tailor a portfolio to your needs

Time to recognise that as you grow older your ability to cope with market risk must diminish and your portfolio profile must reflect this fact.

How to spread your risk by sectors.

Why it is important to spread your investments across different market sectors.

How to time your buying and selling.

Which Technical Analysis indicators are the most effective to use when seeking to optimally time your buying and selling.

Seeking a lifeboat when the market goes down

The mythical crystal ball DOES exist!

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