Previously know as Questions and Answers, The Investor deals with general investment questions put forward by its readers and offers other useful advice. It is available free of charge by email each week by inputting your email address on our home page. Back-issues from January 2012 and onward can be found here in PDF form. From before January 2012 to 2009, you will have to send an email to requesting a specific copy. Before that they were not available as PDF.

While Richard Cluver makes every effort to reply in this column to all email queries, it is not always possible to immediately reply to every one, particularly to those that might not be of general interest to all readers or which might require a long and complicated response.

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The Investor November 2021

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next 12 months We Beat the World Record By Richard Cluver In just a month’s time the virtual portfolio of South African shares which I maintain in my Prospects monthly investment newsletter will reach the 11-year mark and I am delighted to tell readers that, so far as […]

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ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next 12 monthsFuel tax blow to the poorBy Richard CluverIts official! The rising problem I have been warning readers about for months is now very much on the world front burner. I am talking about inflation, the consequence of altogether too much money being printed.Latest data from the […]

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ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next five monthsSouth Africans are taxed to death …and fleeingBy Richard CluverSouth Africans are, according to a study by trade union Solidarity, now among the most highly taxed people in the world…and they are fleeing our shores in record numbers. As an ANC “lekgotla” was this month trying […]

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The Investor August 2021

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next four months:Another crash is inevitableBy Richard Cluver I chose that headline deliberately because I know it is provocative and eye-catching. But it is true and there is a rumour doing the rounds now that another crash is imminent….and that too has a strong basis in fact. But […]

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