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ShareFinder 5 Professional

ShareFinder 6 Professional

ShareFinder programs have been in use by discerning investors since 1987. The Professional is a significantly enhanced version of all previous ShareFinder modules incorporating a full historical database as standard, optimised indicators and many new or improved analytical features.

What’s New:

  • Cloud-managed database – no more daily manual updates. We handle it all.
  • Improved grading and prediction algorithms.
  • Greatly improved and more powerful mobile version, INCLUDED with ShareFinder 6 Professional.
  • More unified fees. The base fee includes the program software, the mobile software, and all data for FIVE stock markets.

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ShareFinder produces daily lists of shares to buy and sell using sophisticated analytical techniques that are based on the fundamental balance sheet information of stock market listed companies.


Main Screen of ShareFinder

Web, Desktop or on the phone.

ShareFinder 6 works on your phone, desktop or web browser. All with one account.

Features and Strengths:

The principal strengths of ShareFinder 6 Professional build on those market-leading strengths of ShareFinder 5 Professional, namely its ability to analyse an individual’s ability to handle risk and to tailor Blue Chip share portfolios to their precise requirements. It generates portfolios that focus either upon capital or dividend growth, predicts optimum buying and selling dates and prices, goes online to a stockbroker to place orders and, once a market-beating portfolio has been bought, watches over it day by day to highlight growth laggards and recommend substitutions. In short, it actively manages your investment portfolio for you and over many years has demonstrated that it can consistently beat all the professional fund managers. It also contains a comprehensive library of both fundamental and technical analysis tools for those who would like to second-guess its recommendations. The ShareFinder 6 database includes all the available historic share price and volume data dating back in some cases as far as 1985, (JSE) which makes for a far more reliable and accurate approach to cycle-based analysis than is possible with any lesser databases, it is also kept up to date automatically every day to ensure accuracy with the latest trends and information. In some of the other markets, data goes even further back, with the Dow Jones going all the way back to 1950 for example.

Main Screen of ShareFinder

Main Screen of ShareFinder



The principal features of the ShareFinder 6 are:

The long and short-term fixed graph window analyses have been enhanced both in layout and screen readability and by the inclusion of a permanent Volatility indicator.
A 12-month projection of the long-term analysis window. You will see a Fourier projection of the share price as well as of the Mass,
Velocity and Volatility Indicators. This projection can, furthermore, be projected much further into the future if you so desire.



Enhancement of the Fundamental List display by the addition of a “Quick Index” together with Interim growth rates, return on shareholders’ funds and their trend, Average annual price volatility and the Price volatility trend. Downloaded optimum parameters for all technical analysis indicators in respect of each share they are applied to. This dynamic list of parameters is updated continually whenever new company data is released.

Main Screen of ShareFinder

Main Screen of ShareFinder



Logarithmic scaling of graphs.

Automatic trend-line drawing by the “Least Squares Fit” approach which facilitates the creation of underpriced/overpriced graphs and allows you to read off the long-term compound annual average price growth trend of all securities. An auto-run facility will guide the user through a set of predetermined graph sequences and have the facility memorise the users’ own sequence of graphs and their own unique indicator parameters.



Unit Trust Analyser:

Unit Trusts list with performance indicators. Over and above all this is the fact that ShareFinder 6 is a cloud-based program, meaning that it gets all of the data it requires from our database, meaning you never have to worry about keeping your share data up to date, or re-installing a new database or being charged additional data fee’s from 3rd party suppliers. We will also be consistently improving and releasing updates for the base ShareFinder 6 program itself to improve on it and take into account user feedback!

Main Screen of ShareFinder

Main Screen of ShareFinder


ShareFinder 6 works on a monthly or annual subscription. This fee is R230 per month or a discounted price of R2100 per year. This includes ALL data costs, namely your daily data and fundamental data. The markets currently on offer are the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange.

How to order:

If you would like to order ShareFinder 6, you can log in to your account on our client portal, or create an account if you do not already have one, at From there you can go to the “Add Subscriptions” tab, which will display on your left-hand side of the screen, and then select “ShareFinder 6 Special”, and the Credit Card or PayPal payment method, and then submit! You can also email our support team at for assistance.

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Any computer capable of running Windows is sufficient to run ShareFinder. Internet and email access is also required. Works on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows7. For your subscription fee , data will be delivered automatically to the program each day.