How to Install or Reinstall ShareFinder 5

These are instructions for reinstalling ShareFinder if ShareFinder is already installed on your computer. If you do not already have ShareFinder installed on your computer, these instructions will mostly work for you, you may simply wish to customise some settings at step 7 of the reinstall procedure.

Installing ShareFinder 5

See the reinstall instructions below. When doing a first-time installation, the only difference will be the fact that you might wish to customise some settings, like the install location etc.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users please note:
You need to do the following once before you start ShareFinder under Microsoft Vista/Windows 7:

  • In your normal Windows Vista/Windows 7 login account, right-click on the ShareFinder shortcut, then click on Properties.
  • Click on Compatibility, and then tick the box that says “Run this program as an administrator”.
  • Now when you start ShareFinder normally from the same shortcut it will automatically run as administrator.

  • This is required for ShareFinder to work on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    Why reinstall?

    If ShareFinder does not perform correctly, with large numbers of shares apparently missing from the database, or if ShareFinder crashes frequently, it is a sure sign that the database is corrupt. Reinstalling will replace the database with a new, correct and complete database, without affecting your program settings, portfolio and lists.

    Reinstalling also ensures that you are using the latest version of ShareFinder because any new files will be upgraded automatically.

    How to reinstall

    1. Determine which database provider you are using, either InvestorData or Sharenet.

    2. Go to the download page on this website. (Clicking the link will open a new window so that you can return to these instructions.)

    3. Click the name of the file you need to download, depending on your database provider. For InvestorData it is the first file in the list of downloads, named “sfidxxxx.exe“. For Sharenet it is the second file, named “sfsnxxxx.exe“. The “xxxx” are four digits that represent which database you are downloading. (5 year or full) 0830 = Full database and 1212 = 5 year database.

    4. If asked what to do with the file, choose “Save to disk“. Depending on your computer you may or may not be asked this question.

    5. When asked for a location in which to save the file, choose the “Desktop“. That location may already be selected. If not, click the downward pointing arrow alongside the “Save in” box, scroll all the way to the top, and click “Desktop”.

    6. When the download is complete (after several minutes) there will be a new setup icon on the desktop with the name of the downloaded file. Double-click this icon to begin reinstalling. Hint: It may not have “.exe” at the end of the name.

    7. Click “Next” at each step in the setup procedure. You should not need to change any of the settings.

    8. At the end of the setup procedure, it will indicate the last date in the new database. If your database provider is InvestorData, send an email to asking them to resend data from that date, to complete the database. If your database provider is Sharenet, any outstanding data will be retrieved automatically during your next daily download.

    9. After the setup procedure is finished you may delete the setup icon from the desktop.