If you experience a DLL Error with the new update, please download and install this Microsoft Patch
More information on this patch is available at Microsoft.

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 users please note:
You need to do the following once before you start ShareFinder under Microsoft Vista/Windows 7/8/10: In your normal Windows Vista/Windows 7/8/10 login account, right click on the ShareFinder shortcut, click on Properties, click Compatibility, then tick the box that says “Run this program as an administrator”. Now when you start ShareFinder normally from the same shortcut it will automatically run as administrator. This is required for ShareFinder to work on Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10.

Download help

Acrobat Reader

ShareFinder 6 Professional Desktop

Download: ShareFinder 6 Desktop

8 Megabytes
Data Automatically Up To Date

ShareFinder 5 + Full 27Y INVESTORDATA database (RSA only)

Download: ShareFinder + 27Y Investordata Database

17.8 Megabytes
Includes data up to 27-10-2017

ShareFinder + Full 27Y SHARENET database  (RSA only)

Download: ShareFinder + 27Y Sharenet Database

28.9 Megabytes
Includes data up to 27-10-2017

ShareFinder Mobile + 10 year database  (RSA only)

Download ShareFinder Mobile + 10 year Database

23.6 Megabytes
Includes data up to 27-10-2017

Windows XP Virtual Machine for ShareFinder  (RSA only)

Download VirtualBox VM software – This is required to run a Virtual Machine
Download Windows XP Virtual Machine for ShareFinder 

Please note: This is for users who can not get ShareFinder 5 to work on their machine for whatever reason. It is a Windows XP virtual machine running ShareFinder 5 within it. This will also work on MAC based computers/laptops as well as Linux. ShareFinder 5 is pre-installed. You will still need a license code.

950 Megabytes
Includes data up to 27-10-2017

ShareFinder 5 Holiday file updated for 2021  (RSA only)

ShareFinder 5 Holidays File

If you know the process already, download the HOLIDAY.zip file here: Download ShareFinder HOLIDAYS file
However, if you do need further instructions on how to download and install your holiday file, please follow this link: ShareFinder 5 Holiday File Download and Install Instructions

0.4 Megabytes
Includes data up to 27-10-2017

PLEASE NOTE: All versions of ShareFinder now require a licence code. Existing customers who are presently using ShareFinder Starter as the free reminisce of our old trials will not be able to download and use ShareFinder for free, but may continue using their existing installations. New users should complete the Trial form and then download the investor database below and use the license code supplied to start your free trial.If you have owned the ShareFinder in the past and wish to reinstall it, please email Support@rcis.co.za for your license code or phone 031 940 0012.