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A practical guide to financial freedom in turbulent times ahead.

How to structure your investments and grow your wealth with very little effort.



SF  Market-beating desktop , web and mobile software that analyses your personal risk profile, tailors a share portfolio to your individual needs, links you to a brokerage to buy and sell and, finally, maintains a watch over your portfolio to recommend periodic changes. It has an 82% historical accuracy rate.
This is the tool to help you find the path to financial independence

Email Service

For the busy professional. Without having to do anything , you get a daily/weekly information service listing short-term share trading opportunities and long-term investment opportunities: with automated reporting by the ShareFinder analysis engine , delivered to your inbox.
No software to buy and no analysis to do. Just follow the recommendations.


A monthly investment newsletter concentrating on the blue chip share market, with share recommendations.
Back issues are available.

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The Investor August 2021

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next four months:Another crash is inevitableBy Richard Cluver I chose that headline deliberately because I know it is provocative and eye-catching. But it is true and there is a rumour doing the rounds now that another crash is imminent….and that too has a strong basis in fact. But […]

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The Investor July 2021

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next seven months: 5 Markets in your Pocket By Richard Cluver Offering you instant analysis of your share market portfolios anywhere in the world at any time: that is what we strove to achieve with a mobile phone app which could offer investors the best features of the […]

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The Investor June 2021

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next three months: News from ShareFinder Ever intent upon leading from the front, ShareFinder International is about to launch its own cryptocurrency, the ShareFinder, and has simultaneously released a new ‘Quick Access’ version of its ever-popular Mobile analysis software. The cryptocurrency launch, backed by ownership of shares in […]

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The Investor May 2021

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next 7 months: Living with Capital Gains Tax By Richard Cluver Over-taxed though we are by a substantial measure above world averages, South Africans can nevertheless thank their lucky stars that they have not just inherited a Democratic Party president who is planning to tax his people to […]

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