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SF  Market-beating desktop , web and mobile software that analyses your personal risk profile, tailors a share portfolio to your individual needs, links you to a brokerage to buy and sell and, finally, maintains a watch over your portfolio to recommend periodic changes. It has an 82% historical accuracy rate.
This is the tool to help you find the path to financial independence

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For the busy professional. Without having to do anything , you get a daily/weekly information service listing short-term share trading opportunities and long-term investment opportunities: with automated reporting by the ShareFinder analysis engine , delivered to your inbox.
No software to buy and no analysis to do. Just follow the recommendations.


A monthly investment newsletter concentrating on the blue chip share market, with share recommendations.
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The Investor June 2022

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next 6 months: Is this it…or are we only half way down? By Richard Cluver Unlike so many bear markets of the past, this one is playing out in slow motion and, if my ShareFinder software is to be believed, it is likely to be one of the […]

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The Investor May 2022

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next 5 months When dividends did not matter! By Richard Cluver The profitable investment relationship between the dividends paid by listed companies and the prices of their shares had long been obvious to me and I had written several books explaining how investors could exploit this to their […]

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The Investor April 2022

ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next 5 months: The Putin tipping point! By Richard Cluver Tipping points are events which have been long in building but require some outside stimulus to initiate a massive consequence: Like a simple handclap which unleashes the untold fury of an alpine avalanche, it can be a relatively […]

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ShareFinder’s prediction for Wall Street for the next 12 months: The best blue chip investment By Richard Cluver My piece last month arguing that solar electric panels represent the best Blue Chip investment currently available brought on a lively response from readers, culminating in a question about the best investment of a lifetime. That gave […]

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